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Admints Sample Packers

Admints blister packaging service

We are able to manufacture these custom blister packaging units to your specifications. Just imagine your own logo and advertising printed on a complimentary pack of peppermints for your customers.

 - The refreshing way to advertise with taste...
This small advertising format was born 100 years ago in the United States of America on Book Matches. The design has now been reinvented in Auckland, New Zealand, to bring the concept into modern times, and to cater for the decline in cigarette smoking in public places. This applies especially to Restaurants/Food establishments, Hotels, Motels, and for Promotions.

This unique blister packaging format is designed to give your company details maximum exposure, while providing the recipient with a worthwhile item.

Convenient 2 Tablet Handy Pack

Almost any artwork can be applied to Admints.

  Company Logos
  Staff Photos
  Maps and Tables

Whatever you wish to communicate.!!!

These peppermint handy packs are hygienically blister packed in a two mint configuration in a clean and secure environment. Next they are put through a machine that inserts and seals the catch covers, ready for packing and shrink wrapping.

We are also approved by the Department of Health to manufacture handy packs with painkillers inside, instead of mints. These make an excellent promotional item for hotels and motels. We also print on these painkiller handy packs the regulatory information, to ensure people who use them are aware of correct dosages.

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